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  1. Zapdos


This shit high voltage,
Smashin these fuckboys like roaches, ay!
Fuck it I Zap 'em, you can't imagine,
Burnin' my clothes be my passion, fuck!
Sparks on my new shoes, yeah bitch I zapdos, you be pikachu'in, I'll be Zapdos
Faster then Flash I can show you the light when it's bright my flash is making it light
Zoom right past the gates, my past tryna catch me but it is too late, Fuck! Ay!
You can't relate, turnin the good into hate!
Erase ya, yeah, irrational shit, fuck, fuck that irrational bitch, playing this life like it's sims, yeah, ay,
You be a puppet a robot you love it, your codes acting up, you fucked up your circuits
It is too urgent to start shit-depression your biggest obsession, you get a profession
Church go to heaven you prayin' and wastin' dope dreams you be chasin'
You wastin' my space but that be ok you die by the day, BITCH!
She said "what do you do with all the hate?"
Bitch, lightning blade!
Fuck did you say? (ay)
Smashin' the shit like a blade, my turbo go off like a plane, twistin' my mind be insane!
Hustlin' bad thoughts like it's rain
They, say, "go get it, go chase it"
"I won't make it" that shit be lies!
See through the fake, realize
Gimmie those eyes, where do I sign ho?!
Where do I sign, ho